Personal Training 🏋️‍♂️

What makes personal training so effective?

The exercises are tailored exactly to your personal performance level. During the training sessions, you have your coach at your side, especially as a motivator, and can thus leave very little room for the inner badass to develop.

What are the advantages of working with a personal trainer?

Personal training offers many benefits, including a personalized workout routine tailored to your specific goals and needs, increased motivation through the support and encouragement of the trainer, and reduced risk of injury by monitoring your form and technique.

For whom is personal training suitable?

Personal training is suitable for people who need individual support and guidance in their training. This applies especially to executives and entrepreneurs who want to improve their general fitness, burn body fat in a targeted manner or get fit again after an injury. My training concept is primarily aimed at middle-aged men and women from Münster who want to lose weight and regain their old strength, endurance and flexibility.

How much does personal training cost?

Personal training is one of the most individual and at the same time one of the most exclusive services for a person. The offer is based on varied training sessions, which are individually tailored to the client. The cost of a training session depends mainly on the duration of the cooperation and on the other services offered. Basically, you should calculate between 80-110€ for a training hour with a good personal trainer.

Can I deduct personal training from my taxes?

As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to claim business coaching for yourself or executives as a business expense for tax purposes. The reason can be healthy leadership and self-leadership and must serve the professional development or a professional benefit such as improved mental and physical health.

How does a personal training session work?

Before the start of our cooperation, we define your objectives in a detailed analysis meeting and discuss the further procedure. The workouts usually start with a short warm-up session in which all major joints of the body are mobilized. Afterwards, we complete a varied circuit training, which is adapted to your personal goals and fitness level.

How often should I train with a personal coach?

How often you should meet with a personal trainer each week depends entirely on your fitness goal and schedule. To achieve fast and sustainable results, I recommend you train with a fitness coach at least 2x per week.

How do I choose the right personal trainer for me?

When choosing a personal trainer, look for someone who:

  • Is certified by a reputable organization (EREPS).
  • Has experience working with clients who have a similar fitness goal as you.
  • Motivates you and fits you personality-wise.
  • Has a training style that you feel comfortable with.

How long does a workout usually last?

A typical personal training session lasts 60 minutes and includes exercises that train your strength and endurance as well as improve your coordination and flexibility.


Nutrition 🍎

What should I eat before training?

You should definitely not train without a small meal before the workout. The best choice is a meal that is rich in carbohydrates and proteins and gives you the necessary energy for the workout. A good choice is, for example, a wholemeal bread with feta and vegetables.

Do you recommend taking supplements?

The use of supplements depends on your individual needs. Some popular supplements for athletes are protein shakes, creatine and beta-alanine.

It's best to consult with a doctor or nutritionist before purchasing to make sure you're taking the right supplements and dosages.

What role does nutrition play in muscle recovery?

A balanced diet plays an important role in muscle recovery. Proteins are particularly important for repairing and building muscle tissue, while carbohydrates can help replenish the body's energy stores. Vitamins and minerals also play an important role in muscle recovery.

Learn more about this in my coaching....

How can I improve my diet to lose weight?

A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins will help you lose weight. In any case, you should reduce or eliminate the consumption of processed foods and refined sugars. In the end, your weight loss success depends largely on your calorie intake and how often you exercise and move. We go into this in more detail in the fitness coaching. There you'll also get a nutrition guide (PDF) that supports you step-by-step in achieving your fitness goal.

How much water should I drink during exercise?

During personal training, be sure to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. The exact amount depends on your body weight, training intensity and ambient temperature. Most of my clients drink about 1 liter of water during a training session.

How can I check if I am drinking enough water?

One way to check if you are drinking enough water is to check your urine color. If your urine is light yellow or almost colorless, you are drinking enough water. If your urine is dark yellow or amber, you should increase your water intake.


Miscellaneous 📓

How can I increase my calorie consumption during exercise?

Together, we can increase the calories you burn during your workouts by:

  • increasing the intensity of your exercises,
  • doing longer workouts, or
  • doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

A balanced diet and enough sleep can also help increase your calorie consumption.

How much time do I need to see results?

It all depends on your individual goals and training routine. If you choose to work with Chris, you will start seeing results within 3-5 weeks. Provided you come to the training regularly and pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet.

Should I be active even on days without training?

Very clear: YES! It's important to be active even on days when you're not exercising. Go for a walk, take a bike ride, or do simple stretches to loosen up your muscles and improve your mobility. This will benefit you during our workouts.

How often should the training plan be adjusted during PT?

It makes sense to change your training plan regularly to create variety and avoid plateaus. As a participant in the 12 week program, I will adjust your workout plan every 4 weeks to fit your individual progress and needs. Changes may include:

  • adding new exercises,
  • increasing the number of reps or sets, or
  • increasing the intensity of the workout.

In each workout, I make sure that the exercises are performed correctly to avoid injury.

Can you customize me a workout plan (for home/gym workouts)?

I will be happy to create a training plan for you that is tailored to your individual goals, needs and abilities. However, this requires that you also take advantage of PT hours and show up for training on a regular basis.

Can we work out together during my pregnancy?

Yes, personal training can also be done during pregnancy. In any case, you should inform me in advance so that I can adjust the training program accordingly.

Feel free to write me a message via the contact form if you have further questions about this.