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Lose weight with system

You want to learn how to train effectively without hurting yourself? You are looking for a method to lose weight in the long term and regain your old fitness? You want to finally fit into your old favorite clothes again and feel comfortable in your skin?

Then the Bestform program by personal trainer Chris Schröer is just right for you. The focus is on intensive training support with effective exercises for more strength, energy and well-being. Together we train 2x per week (individual support) and integrate a healthy and balanced diet into your everyday life. Let's get started...

What this program really brings to you

  • 👤 A training partner who motivates you and supports you to keep at it

  • 🪞 Visible progress within only 4 weeks (or money back)

  • 📅 Integration of new habits for long-term training success

  • 📊 A strong mindset and kick-ass growth for your personality

  • 📋 Step-by-step guide for further implementation

  • 🥳 You find joy in sports and exercise again

2x per week

Personal Training

Customized workouts specific to your personal fitness level and training goal.

24/7 Support

Top Motivation

Flexible training dates and a structured training concept help you to exercise regularly - without wasting time.

Guide Me

Tips & Checklists

Helpful free tools to get started and what you should definitely pay attention to now! (incl. calorie calculator and nutrition guide)

  • 🎫 Training plan with varied exercises for at home workouts

  • 📓 Exercise library, with exercises for maximum fat burning.

  • 🥤 Chilled water + fresh towel with every workout

  • 📱 WhatsApp contact for questions about your training or nutrition

  • 🧾 Recipe list with +80 recipes for cold & hot meals, snacks, sweets etc.

Where will you be after that?

In this coaching you will not only learn important basics for strength and endurance training, but also put them directly into practice. In addition, you will change physically and finally look proudly in the mirror again.

Scheduled workouts will help you reach your goals faster and feel more confident along the way. At the same time, you'll integrate new habits into your everyday life and make exercise an integral part of your life.

You'll finally get started - no longer just theoretically in your head, but practically step-by-step towards a lean and healthy body.

Bestform program

Frequently asked questions

🔢 How does personal training work?

Before the start of the 12-week program, we define your goals in a detailed analysis meeting and discuss the further procedure. The workouts usually start with a short warm-up session in which all the major joints of the body are mobilized. Afterwards, we complete a varied circuit training to improve your general fitness and health.

💪 Do we train alone or in a group?

The training takes place 1:1. This allows me to fully focus on your needs, goals and physical conditions.

Training in a one-on-one setting also provides space for open communication. You can discuss your questions, concerns or worries directly with me. This allows us to develop a deeper understanding of your needs and work together to find solutions.

📍 Where does the personal training take place?

The training location is the Viva Fitness Studio in Münster South. The studio has a large equipment park, various cardio machines and a functional area to improve your strength, endurance and flexibility. Alternatively, we can train outdoors in the park or on the sports field in good weather.

🎫 Do I need a gym membership?

Yes, you need a membership to work out at the gym. But don't worry... The membership fee is 40€/month and can be cancelled monthly. So you only pay as long as you use the gym.

👤 For whom is the training suitable?

The Bestform program is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve their athletic goals quickly and effectively. Each training session is specifically tailored to your fitness level and is primarily aimed at busy people who want to lose weight and regain their old feel-good figure.

🎯 Are there any specific requirements?

Basically, you should be fit and able to work under pressure and be willing to train hard several times a week. Special knowledge about training with weights and small equipment is not required.

🤒 What if I miss an appointment?

As my customer, you are flexible in terms of location and time. If you miss a training appointment (e.g. because something came up at work), we will simply make up the appointment at a later time.

Customer testimonials

What my clients say about fitness coaching:

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Bestform program

Everything at a glance

Program start: Anytime

Program duration: 12 weeks or 3 months

Number of training units: 24 (2x per week a 60 min.)

Training support: 1:1 (individual training)

Training location: Gym (Viva Fitness) or Outdoor

Training goal: Back to the old feel-good figure


How you can be part of it

If the voice inside you is now screaming "Oh Yes!" and you're ready to reclaim your old feel-good figure, sign up now for a no-obligation initial consultation with Chris Schröer.

  • 1. Fill out form

    Contact me for a no-obligation initial consultation (15 min) and leave your contact information so I can reach you.

  • 2. Receive callback

    Afterwards I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss open questions and the further procedure.

  • 3. Take off together

    If everything fits from both sides, you get your fixed place in the Bestform-Coaching and my full support for the next 12 weeks.

💸 Money Back Guarantee

If you do not make progress within the first 4 weeks and are dissatisfied with the content of the Bestform program, you will receive a full refund of all money invested.